Community Education

The Community Education programme, which started in 2000, provides adults with the opportunity to participate in a range of learning activities relevant to their needs and interests.


Responsive to local needs

As a community organisation, our remit is to be responsive to local needs. We recognise the need to embrace new thinking and more innovative ways of delivering learning. The development of our Community Education programme has opened up opportunities for us to build new working relationships and links with organisations whose support and expertise has enabled us extend the scope of our interventions.

Key elements characterising the Community Education Programme include:

  • It is based within the local community

  • Local people are fully involved and have a key role to play in the deciding what they want to learn.

  • Curriculum covers a broad range of issues including:

    • Skills development, communication, numeracy, I.T.

    • Social and personal development

    • Cookery

    • Rights and responsibilities

    • Cultural awareness and understanding

    • Critical awareness

    • Problem solving – coping strategies

    • Decision making

  • Timing of classes is flexible

  • The learning programme offers the opportunity to gain accreditation.

  • Learning environment is informal.

  • Childcare is provided.

  • Model of operation – partnership approach between the local community, the statutory sector, and the Larkin Centre

Individual Programmes

Men’s Health & Wellbeing Programme

Women’s Education Programme

Community Art

Peer Mentoring in Community Education

Project Promoter

The Larkin Centre Project co-ordinator.
Maria Tyrrell – Manager, Larkin Centre.
Anne Flannery – Project co-ordinator.