Summary of our Business Skills Program


Market planning

This class covers Marketing key ingredients, targeting markets, product functionalities and benefits, marketing methods, order processes and branding.

Tutor: Muireann Fitzmaurice

Muireann, with more than 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing, is an energetic and passionate trainer specialising in training and mentoring small business owners/managers on how to develop low cost, high return marketing plans in a creative and cost effective way, along with offering training in communication and being a qualified life coach.

This class covers Marketing key ingredients, targeting markets, product functionalities and benefits, marketing methods, order processes and branding.

Market Research

Primary, secondary research tools, online surveys, Google search, keyword planner and using social media statistics to hone your market and gain customers

Tutor: Michael Keogh
Michael is a specialist in Social Media training, Digital Marketing and mentoring. Michael has a background that includes a diverse range of industries and this experience combined with qualifications in both Marketing and Digital Media allow Michael to have a broad and insightful view on to how this powerful medium can be used to full effect for business.

Pricing (2 modules)

Identifying costs, fixed and variable costs, breakeven analysis and pricing strategies.

Working through participants pricing strategies and identifying their individual pricing needs.

Tutor: Rory Finnegan
Rory is a Chartered Accountant specialising in Cloud Applications for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Ireland. Passionate about using technology to create efficiencies for businesses, driving costs down and improving management information.

Selling Princples

Introduction to selling, understanding what your customer needs, impact of your product/service in the market, Unique selling points, costing tips, handling first orders and estimating sales.

Tutor: Phil Kildea

Trainer, Mentor & Coach – Specialist in Leadership, Personal & Management Development, Marketing, Sales and Promotion, Idea Generation, Business planning & Strategic Consultancy. His experience spans his own business experience, with 15 years in frontline Customer Care and Sales, and directorships and a wide variety of clients from many sectors including, SMEs, Public & Private, Civil Service, Local government, Universities and other Third Level Educational providers including the Enterprise Boards.

Customer Service

Customer service definitions and trends, cost of gaining and losing customers, barriers to excellent customer service, exceeding expectations, ethics, empowering customers and staff, upselling, cross-selling and online customer care.

Tutor: Phil Kildea

Time Management

Clarifying and achieving goals, identifying time wasting tasks, skills delegation, working efficiently with others, overcoming stress, priorities and planning.

Tutor: Natasha Lawless
Providing a broad spectrum of HR generalist and Employment Law advice for small to medium sized Irish organisations. Delivering a wide range of personal development training

Health & Safety

Health & safety for sole traders focuses on legal as well as common sense approaches needed by young start-ups covering health & safety statements, manual handling, VDU considerations.

Business Law

Legal structure, Company law, employment law, contract law and debt recovery.

Tutor: Aideen Keane
Aideen is a Junior counsel at the law library since 2010 qualified in area of general practice.

Intellectual Property

Understanding intellectual property and how to apply and protect your copyright, design, trademark and patents.

Accounts (2 modules)

Sole trader accounts obligationsReceipts and invoices, apportioning business verses personal expenses, Sole trader and company structures.

Personal accounts, personal Tax credits, PRSI, USC, Form 11 explained, management accounts, Cash flow and VAT.

Tutor: Jenny Dunne
Jenny has extensive experience tutoring both payroll and bookkeeping. She is qualified in TAS, Thesaurus and Sage accounting software’s. She is also a taxation and accounting advisor to new businesses and start-ups.

Business Insurance

Covering Employers, Public, and products liability, professional indemnity, goods in transit, office and health cover.

Tutor: David Percy
David is an Insurance Broker specialising in commercial insurances including Fire, Theft, Liability, Fleet, and Professional Indemnity Introduction to main insurance areas of risk to a sole trader.

Business Pitching

Deirdre provides a training programme that uses actor-training techniques to help professionals deliver authentic and engaging pitches.

Focusing on techniques that can be used at a team meeting, conference or pitching to potential clients, Creative Confidence techniques help participants reach out, motivate, persuade and inspire others.

Tutor: Deirdre Lennon
Freelance Theatre Director and Drama Facilitator, Trainee Director and Drama Facilitator at Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin, Director at The Abbey Theatre, Outreach and Education

Digital Marketing

Using Wix as an easy user friendly format to web building, this class explains all software tools to aid participants to build their own site.

Participants give a presentation of work on their websites highlighting any issues occurring through the building stage.

8 computer based classes that focus on the Six Big Players in social media at the moment (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest) What they are and how they can help your business. Optimisation of social media websites to complement participants Website’s using Google Analytics and promotion.

Tutor: Lar Doyle
Lar Doyle has 13 years’ experience in Web Development, Web Design, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing and training.

Peer Mentoring

A past participant of our course Stephen brings the experience of his road travelled to get his product to market. From new frontiers to high potential start-ups and all funding stages along the way, he provides a view to the road ahead for our new participants

Tutor: Stephen O’Brien
Founder/director of a new company called Cable flag. This company has designed a patented labelling system for structured cable networks in a broad range of industries, most notably Data Centres.

Work Mentoring

When possible the Larkin centre will ask participants to meet with previous participants who already work in a similar trade. This has proved invaluable in the past highlighting the day to day running of a business in their chosen industry.

Tailored Classes

During our course participants can avail of certified courses specific to their trade (subject to funding approval)