Job Club – FAQ

We have gathered together our most frequently asked questions regarding the activities and operations of our Job Club Program. If you have any further queries please contact us

Do I have to pay for the services of the Job Club?

No. All of our services in the Job Club are available free of charge.

Will participation in the Job Club affect my social welfare payments?

No. Your social welfare payments will not be affected when you become a member of the Job Club.

I do not have a CV. Can the Job Club still help me?

Yes, absolutely. All of our services apply to people with and without CV’s. We can work with you to draft and complete a CV within a short time frame.

I have a CV that needs updating. Can the Job Club do this for me?

Yes. We will use your old CV as a basis to update and re-type a brand new CV for you.

I want to send copies of my CV to various employers. Can the Job Club help?

Yes. Both walk in clients and Job Club members can avail of our internet, email and stationary service to send CV’s to employers.

I am currently on a CE/Job Initiative Scheme. Is it necessary that I have finished my scheme before I can become a Job Club Client?

No. Clients who are near completion of any particular training scheme are more than welcome to attend the Job Club. We have to date worked with numerous people who are in this situation. Many of these clients have expressed that they find the supports and resources of the Job Club very useful and motivating around this time.

If I obtain work before completing the 3 week Job Club course, can I take up this employment without finishing the course?

Yes, absolutely. One of the key aims of the Job Club is to help you find suitable employment as soon as possible. As a Job Club participant you will be encouraged to attend interviews and search for work on an active basis.

Does participation on the Job Club course mean that my child can obtain a place in the Larkin Centre Crèche for the duration of the course?

Unfortunately not. Participation on the Job Club course does not guarantee your child a place in the Crèche facilities.

Can the Job Club help me with welfare related queries?

No. The main aim of the Job Club is to help you with Job related activities. All welfare related queries are referred to our Welfare Information Officer based in at the Larkin Centre.

I would like to undertake further training/education. Can the Job Club help?

Yes. The Job Club can provide you with up to date information regarding relevant training/educational courses in the local area. This includes FAS training courses. The Job Club has developed active links with many community employment and job initiative projects as well as community training workshops in the area. The Job Club views the acquisition of skills and training as a crucial element for individuals in assisting them to progress to suitable employment.


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