Computer Training

Internet Awareness for parents

This introductory course to computers is based solely on use of the internet and e-mail. Knowledge gained on this course will give parents a greater understanding to help guide children safely in internet usage.

Computers for mature students

This course is run for those over 55, who are new to computers.The course is run on wedensday mornings from 10am to 12am.

Basic Computing

An introductory course for people with no prior computer knowledge.

Equal Skills

equal skills

It’s never too late to learn…
Although computers and the Internet are now a part of everyday life, there are still many people who have never switched on a computer and are only vaguely aware of the Internet and its uses. Many of these people would like to know more about computers and the Internet but may feel that it’s too late for them to learn. If that sounds like you or someone you know, equalskills could be the answer. Courses run on Monday and Tuesday.

Intermediate Computing

Our intermediate module supplies the individual coming from Equal skills with much more confidence in their computing ability and prepares them for our advanced module.


Computers and the Internet are now a part of daily life and we all need to be able to use them to perform simple everyday tasks.

Not only is the Internet a valuable tool for communicating and finding information, but more and more organisations and government departments are using the Internet to provide information and services. Those without Internet skills are in danger of losing out. While you may be familiar with the Internet, there are many people who are not.

If you know one of the many people who don’t currently use the Internet, e-Citizen could be the answer for them.

e-Citizen is the ideal solution as it allows the candidate to learn about the Internet without requiring prior computer knowledge.

Advanced Computing

Our advanced module carries on from the intermediate course to cover subjects in more depth in preparation of ECDL. This module carries training in the use of word processing, spreadsheets, databases and computer based presentation. Courses run on Wedensday and Thursday evennings


The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is a recognised qualification that enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills. It is designed to cover the key concepts of computing, applications and their use in the workplace and society in general. This course is run on Wedensday evening.
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