Childcare Support for working parents

The crèche caters for babies from 6 months to approximately three years. At age three the children transfer automatically to the pre-school. Babies and toddlers in the crèche have access to a range of suitable play materials for both indoor and outdoor play. All activities and equipment are chosen to encourage the baby/toddler to explore their environment and to promote their overall development. Babies are supported to crawl and practise walking with the provision of a soft surface area. We give them lots of opportunities to develop their manipulative skills with the free availability of blocks, post-it boxes etc.

With both the babies and toddlers we use the Treasure Basket, a range of natural play materials that supports the younger child’s natural curiosity to explore various items using and developing their senses; touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. Stories and rhymes are used to promote speech and communication for both babies and toddlers.

The toddlers are encouraged to use their imagination with a home corner area and construction area. They learn to be part of a larger group and begin to practise social and skills while being supported by caring committed staff. Learning to feed themselves and to develop concentration at various table top activities help toddlers to feel capable and confident.